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This Body Is Water/ "Gismee Maya," 1 (Arabic phonetic spelling) is an installation using hand-painted figurative cut-outs on paper, in combination with transparent fabrics and collaged written script on fabric. The piece is a reflection on mourning and movement, as a result of violent upheavals. Collaged script includes my own with womens' writings collected in workshops done with Arab African im/migrants and refugees.

This Body Is Water/ "Gismee Maya," 2 (Arabic phonetic spelling)
is an installation, further developing ideas of water and migration. It also used figurative cut-outs on paper, fabrics, and writings, against the background of walls washed with blue. The blue signified an emotional space of vulnerability, a liminal space of displacement, and a physical space of the ocean or sea- the connective tissue among continents.

This Body Is Water, 2/ "Gismee Maya, 2" (Arabic phonetic spelling)
Paper, watercolor, acrylic, watercolor paper, organza, sharpie, thread, canvas strips, fabric, yarn, writing on wall in acrylic and charcoal